Thursday, October 3, 2013


Please Note I have included a Disclaimer for my site. Please read it especially the included Medical Disclaimer. 

I am not a professional nor a doctor, nor am I claiming to be. Please if you feel you have a mental illness or are sick in any way seek out a professional for help. 

Any advice given in this blog or any pages from No Rain No Rainbow and/or its owner should be taken as you would from a friend or family member and used with caution and preferably after you have talked it over with your doctor and her/she has okay-ed it.

You agree if you read and take any advice from me, my subscribers, or my contributors without first seeking professional help from a certified doctor, you will not hold No Rain No Rainbow and/or its owner, subscribers, or contributors responsible for any unfavorable outcome.

I am just a woman who lives everyday with a mental illness trying to help spread the word, educate people, and help bring together those with mental illness with their loved ones. 

What has worked for me, may not work for you!

Though I prefer -not- to be on medications. I do believe they help many people and that it should be something you talk about with your doctor to make an informed decision about. 

If you disagree with any of these statements and/or the Disclaimer. Please leave the site and do not return.

Thank you.
No Rain No Rainbow
Jenn Purdie-Paulson

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