Saturday, November 23, 2013

A few changes...

For those of you following me I wanted to let you know I am changing things up a bit. I finally figured out the reason I couldn't blog (post) often. The theme was to rigid for me. Yes I am bipolar but I am more than that and to really know and understand me and my illness, you really have to see it all. 

So I am changing my Facebook, Twitter, Blog, & more to reflect this. The name is changed only I think No Rain No Rainbow still fits..I just changed the sub name to My Eclectic Life. 

So Now this blog and my pages are No Rain No Rainbow: My Eclectic Life.

This will open it up for me to post more often as I will not be limited by subject matter. It will just reflect me, my life, and the way I see the world. I warn you, no telling what you are going to read or see. It may get interesting..or it may not :P

Thank you, to all of you who are baring with me, while I get my footing sort of speak. Life is ever changing and I like to roll with the punches.

Love and Light

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